Sunday, May 08, 2005

Book buys

My daughter and I went to Cooperstown, NY yesterday for lunch and to shop. I mentioned in my previous post that there is a great used bookstore there. Naturally, we stopped in to browse. I bought two books there - "Anonymous Rex" by Eric Garcia and "The Tidal Poole" by Karen Harper.

The first was mentioned on the 4MA group. A quote by Dave Barry on the inside book cover reads "What would the world be like if the dinosaurs hadn't gone extinct? As this very funny book shows, for one thing, L.A. would be even weirder than it is now." The protagonist is a L.A. PI who is also a Velociraptor. I figure even if I don't like it, it will probably appeal to Alek.

The second book is a historical mystery that takes place in 1559 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Since the last two historical mysteries I've read have taken place in 1139 and 1538, I thought I'd take a chance on it. And if I like it, there was another book in this series at the shop. Both books are hardcovers in almost mint condition and cost $5.00 each. Not bad, huh?

Cooperstown also has another small bookstore. This store has new books, jewelry, and cards. While the selection isn't very large, they have some interesting books there. I bought a paperback titled "Take the Bait" by S.W. Hubbard. This is a mystery that takes place in the Adirondack Mountains. Scott's family owns a camp in the Adirondacks and we have camped in various places in the Adirondack Park so I'm always interested in books that take place there. I'm not sure yet where in the Adirondack Park it takes place. I just hope it's written better than the last Adirondack mystery I bought. It is one of a series and was written by a former New York State trooper. He should have stayed with catching criminals and not tried to write about them. They are printed by a small publishing company. The one I bought yesterday was published by Pocket Books so I have hope for it.

And now it's time to pick up a book and read.


At 4:17 PM, Blogger SheKnits said...

Sue, I had no idea you had this blog! This is great! I love it! I'm getting back into reading more and more. I read so much as a child and enjoyed, not sure what happened. I love all types of books. So your blog will come in handy when I need a new read.



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