Friday, May 20, 2005

Summary of HOMS

I finished reading House of Many Shadows for the umpteenth time. And it's still good.

Yesterday I posted a picture of my two copies of this book. The older copy is not really indicitive of the book. It makes it look like a "fem jep" (female jeopardy), Gothic type tale. Not so.

I don't enjoy summarizing books so I'm going to try to hit the high points. This book has an injured heroine, a troubled caretaker, a rich cousin, a two century old house that comes complete with ghostly inhabitants, a manic junkie, a bucolic town and Barbara Michael's own special blend of setting, character, and romantic suspense. A quote on the back of the book reads "Barbara Michaels's thrillers are always a satisfying blend of earthly terrors and supernatural suppositions." ~Publishers Weekly. Who am I to try and outwrite Publishers Weekly?

In spite of my feelings of inadequacy, the book discussion is going quite well. Once I start typing a question, all sorts of things pop into my head to add to it.

Next up, I'm going to read "Buried Stuff" by Sharon Fiffer. It's the fourth book in the series about antique picker Jane Wheel. These mysteries are light but fun.

I'm also supposed to be reading "Mortal Stakes" by Robert B. Parker for a discussion at the 4 Mystery Addicts group. I have it but I'm not if I'm going to start it or not.

And "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams is on my treadmill waiting for me to pursue getting in some kind of shape. And that's where I'm heading now.


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