Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Onto new things

I finished "Death Below Deck" last night. It was an okay read. Not much suspense but I also didn't hate it. Now I need to read something that grabs my attention and doesn't let go until I finish the book.

I just this minute started "Dark Water" by Sharon Sala. I think it's going to be romantic suspense but that could be just the thing to hold my interest right now. Here's a little bit from the back of the book:

"Two decades ago, Sarah Jane Whitman's father disappeared with an embezzled fortune from his local bank, an act of betrayal that subjected his wife and daughter to a vicious scandal. Now a body has been pulled from its watery tomb, a body that is identified as Frank Whitman's. This grim discovery proves Sarah's father was innocent...and that the real thief got away with murder.

Now Sarah's obsession with uncovering the truth is making some people in Marmet, Maine, very nervous..."

I'm hoping it's better than the last couple of books I've tried to read.


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